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So, I lost my pokemon black and I need help with Bruno,and I gave my best pokemon for the job of taking him down to a close friend of mine, and I don`t like to train pokemon late in the game,what do I do now?

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Bruno is the fighting type, right? So get an Alakazam or a Pidgeot/Fearow.
What does Slowking have to do with anything? Please use tags appropriatly.
Slowking would actually be good against him because he can even take out onix
well,actualy tachy,I have a slowking thats usually on my team named Pinky wich is the best pokemon for taking him on because he has an Onix,and his main weaknes is Phsicic

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Well, first (no offence) you should learn how to use EVs. http://pokemondb.net/ev

Train your Pokemon's EVs; it will help a lot, but isn't required. Then, once your done, train a Pokemon such as the Pokemon above from linkpower22 that are super-effective.

If You have one in your team, great. Obviously because of you "Slowking" tag, you have one high level.
Train it and make sure it has Psychic, for memory TM29 or 28. Surf will do as well, ( it's a HM) STAB moves for both types is important. In responce to the other Elite Four, use Pokemon that beat then too.

Lapras is a killer for Lance (Just watch out for Charizard's Stone Edge), Will can't do much against Spiritomb, Koga struggles against any Ground types (Defence/ Sp.Def recommeded), Earthquake is a killer, especially when Stuntank uses Dig. As for Karen... well, Fighting types kill her, Steel also helps, save for Houndoom.

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Most people dont ev train ingame teams...
OK #1: I don`t like to train PERIOD. #2:I have a Slowking, read the question again because I know that I mentiond my Slowking in this sentance...in fact Its the whole main question is of Pinky the Slowking, I think I called her..."my best pokemon for the job."
He was just trying to help. You don't have to be so harsh to him. You didn't really give much information about what pokemon you have at your disposal. It's not that difficult to figure out what pokemon to use against a Fighting/rock trainer.

I can understand not liking to EV train, but to say "I don't like to train PERIOD" is a bit much. If you don't have any pokemon strong enough to beat him, but don't want to strengthen your pokemon via training, what do you want us to do?
Well, if you don't know how to use EVs, Use The Link...
I still EV ingame though. And I did say you had a Slowking, but like DT said, how are we supposed to know its Slowking? Most people don't pay attention to tags...
Thankyou DT for editing too.
If this doesn't help, sorry... Thats what I would have done though - training isn't all THAT bad.