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Where are some good spots to train for the Elite 4 (second time)? My Pokemon are level 60-80, but I hardly train my level 70s+. They just get exp. from the Exp. Share. I found a secret base code from Smogon, "Blissey Bash Hut" but I can only do that once a day. Plus, the Blissey are level 50, not 100. Maybe it has something to do with the level release. Thanks!

If you have any Secret Bases,feel free to post them below! Maybe if you all put legendaries in your party in your Secret Base, I'll add you and battle. I will try to put my QR Code on this later.

Quick tip: you can make the Blissey level 100 by putting the Level Release on. The Level Release is the machine you see next to the player in the base. You can turn it on after you beat the Delta Episode.

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The type-exclusive Trainers who hang around the Battle Resort are good Exp. grinders, but you can only battle them once a day. There are specialists in Fairy, Grass, Bug, Ground, Water, Rock, and Poison, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong. All of their Pokémon are level 60-ish.

A second good way the Exp. grind is to find the Mirage Spot with Audino. Defeating a single Audino gives upwards of 3,000 Exp., more with the Lucky Egg.

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Thanks ^.^ I found this poison-type guy but he was hiding in deep sand so I'm too lazy to go over there :) I also have links for secret bases some people made for exp. Going to use all of these stuff :)
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