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I really want to train my team before I challenge the Elite Four in AS.
This is the first time, just to clarify. Before I become Champion.
Please don't say Victory Road because it has really weak Pokemon (unless if you can find some training spot there).

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I'll post what you don't want to hear first.

Victory Road

I, too, was vastly disappointed by the Pokémon levels in Victory Road. Across the game, actually, wild Pokémon levels were way lower than Trainer Pokémon's levels. However, there are a lot of trainers in Victory Road (even though it's sooooo much shorter than the BW or DPPt Victory Road). You also battle Wally at the end.

Trainer Rematches

Seriously, even though this isn't what you want, this is an awesome way to get Exp. The Trainer's Pokémon get higher and higher levels the more times you fight them, thus yielding more and more Exp.

Secret Bases

Probably the best way to grind Exp is fighting Secret Base Grunts with high level Pokémon. Look around, a lot of people advertise Exp grinding Secret Bases. I saw this one guy (I don't remember where) who's team all had Lv. 100 Blisseys in Rotation Battle format. He did testing while holding Lucky Egg, and each Pokémon that participated gained around 70,000 Exp per Blissey. The best advice I can give you is to search for bases like this.


A tedious strategy, but effective nonetheless, is the battle Aarune in the Secret Base Guild. And then battle him again. And again. And again. The first battle will be against his Flygon at Lv. 23. For every battle after that, it will be Lv. 53. This is a long, boring, way of Exp grinding that is hardly time-efficient, but deserves a mention.

Wishful Chaining

Every so often, when chaining Pokémon, you will find one that is 15-20 levels above the rest of the area's wild Pokémon. It doesn't happen very often, however, and is even worse than the Aarune method. If you wish to try this strategy, then do it on Victory Road.

Those are, really, the only way to grind Exp pre-E4 in ORAS. If this doesn't answer your question, then I guess you're out of luck :(

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Is this the one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWNltznI_Ew ? the one with the blisseys?
Oh yeah thanks with the suggestions! :D
I'll still wait for answers; but if there aren't anymore, I'm going to select this as BA.
I can't view the link (screwed up Internet XD), but if it's all Rotation Battle, Lv. 100 Blisseys, then yes. I believe it's called something along the lines of "How to go from Level 50 to Level 100 in one go".
You cant lvl THAT quickly! I'm a common 'Blissey Basher' and my pokemon don't level 50 levels in a Blissey. That video name is a lie :P
The Internet said it, not me :P
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The best place to battle in preparation for the elite four is just the regular trainer rematches. The Victory road and trainer battles are the best place to train prior to the elite four.....sorry :(

Edit.) also be sure to use the increased experience O power and lucky eggs (from pelippers) to ensure maximum XP

Do you use MapNav or something to rematch trainers?
Ya, you should see white dots on the map under trainers. Those dots represent trainers in that area that want to battle
Okay thanks. but I really want different places for training.
I won't BA this because I want a different answer, but I'll upvote it for first answer.
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While trying to figure out a good training place I found that Audino could be found on mirage island. While I I'm not sure of the criteria for the island to appear Audino just like Chansey gives Superior experience for its level. Combine this with the previously suggested idea of farming lucky eggs from pelippers and that would be the best way to level pre Elite Four in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire