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my Pokemon are lucario lvl 55, houndoom lvl 48, staryu lvl 47, haxorus lvl 54, golurk lvl 54, magnezone lvl 54. also move sets are helpful too. thx


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Go onto Route 23, and run near a patch of grass for shaking grass & train against Audinos.

Give your Pokemon the Lucky Egg you got from Juniper to boost exp. as well.

Those Audino are 48-51, so they should be the right level for you.

Staryu should really be Starmie by now, and you don't have a solid counter for Marshall. I suggest you evolve Staryu and give it a Psychic move (Psyshock/ Psychic would be best).

i wanted hydro pump so i kept it as staryu also should i teach both cause my staryu has brine, phychic, power gem, i was thinking ice beam/thunderbolt?
Imo Surf is better just because of accuracy.

Surf/Hydro Pump, Psychic, Ice Beam & Recover/ Light Screen. The last move can be whatever you want, since this is in-game and you can just use potions if your HP is running low, but Recover can be handy.