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i have cobalion, terrakion, onix, altaria, fraxure. I also have a flygon which is my ace Pokemon and level 68. What should I do?

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Umm... hydreigon screws them all
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I can only assume that your Fraxure is below level 48, because otherwise it'd be a Haxorus by now.

Use your Zorua that you got as a gift from Driftviel; at level 64 it will ruin Caitlin and Shauntal with Night Daze (use Nasty Plot if you want to be sure).

Use your Cobalion (I used a Mienshao) for Grimsley. One Sword Dance Sacred Sword will end him.

For Marshall, I used an Emolga with Acrobatics. Kid you not, it works. I used my starter for Sawk because of Sturdy, since it will use stone edge on your flying Pokemon.

When facing Iris, I do not recommend you use Altaria or Fraxure, because unless they are at a significantly higher level, they will take too much damage from Iris' Dragon Pokemon. Altaria also does not have a high attack stat. Use Cobalion for Aggron, Hydreigon and Lapras, then use a water Pokemon with Ice Beam/ Waterfall for Druddigon, Archeops and Haxorus (I used my Samurott).

Any moveset/ team combination is possible when you're at Level 65+, but if you want to cruise through the E4, take advantage of STAB.

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my flygon is lv 71 is that ok
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Here is a link to the E4 and Champs Pokemon. You don't need specific Pokemon but make sure they are at least above Lv.55

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You don't need specific Pokemon it's the levels. I recommend not using cobalion or terakion unless they are over level 81 if they are not, train a riolu up to level 72 and evolve it it should be flat on by now train them all up to level 50 or higher, higher the more chance of winning. I recommend having lucario because of it's moves: Aura sphere "Screw you grimsley" Dark pulse "Screw you Caitlin" Dragon pulse "Screw you Iris" Swords dance "Screw everyone"

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Swords Dance gives no benefit to that set since all the moves are special. :/
Then use Calm Mind XD
you forgot marshall