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Alright so I have battled the Elite 4 quite a few times and I have lost again and again horribly can't even get one of their Pokemon down.

My team is this:

  1. Samurott:
    Item: Mystic Water
    Level: 50
    HP: 170
    Aqua Tail
    Dragon Tail

  2. Archeops:
    Item: None
    Level: 44
    HP: 125

  3. Cobalion:
    Item: Soothe Ball
    Level: 44
    HP: 147
    Flash Cannon
    Iron Head
    Sacred Sword

  4. Deino:
    Item: Exp. Share
    Level: 41
    HP: 101
    Dragon Pulse
    Work Up

  5. Unfezant:
    Item: Exp. Share
    Level: 41
    HP: 128
    Air Slash
    Razor Wind

  6. Tornadus:
    Item: Lucky Egg
    Level: 40
    HP: 124
    Air Cutter

I want the levels of all these to be at least 50, where can I train? Also where can I find Rare Candies and does the subway give exp?

Also if I should change a Pokémon to a different one or change some move do tell me.


You should gain experience whenever you defeat a few of the Elite 4's Pokemon. Just keep doing that until you're strong enough to defeat the entire Elite 4 and the champion.

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Your team is definitely unbalanced, with 3 Flying types and a really weak Pokémon before it evolves, Deino.

Changes are in italic.

Surf/Waterfall - Depending on the stats of Samurott, Surf or Waterfall is better than Aqua Tail.t

Ice beam - Good Coverage move, better than revenge.

Please remove Unfezant and Deino. Unfezant is not great in the League and Deino is simply a burden for your team, you can have a Hydreigon after the league, not before.
I suggest you to try Sigilyph, his Flying and Psychic typing will help you with Marshall.

Sigilyph, as a replacement for Unfezant.
Ability :- Magic Guard
Held item :- Life Orb

Moves :-
Air Slash - Great with Sigilyph’s nice Special Attack, can make flinch.

Psychic - Very nice Psychic type move.

Energy Ball - Coverage move.

Shadow Ball Coverage.

So yeah Sigilyph is really nice for the League, with Magic Guard, all his moves can be boosted with Life Orb without taking damage.

As I said, Deino will not help you during the League.

Krookodile, as a replacement for Deino.
Ability :- Moxie

Crunch/Foul play - Crunch is better since it’s more reliable than Foul Play, in case you opponent’s got low Attack.

Earthquake - Self Explanatory

Rock Slide - Coverage against Bug types and Ice types.

Dragon Claw - Coverage against dragons.

Archeops is a Sweeper, so it has low Defense and Special Defense. Keep it if you want, but give him Stone Edge and U-turn, and also Fly.

So, here’s the team I think would be nice.

  1. Samurott

  2. Sigilyph

  3. Krookodile

  4. Archeops If you want to replace it as well, just put a comment and I’ll send you a moveset for another Pokémon.

  5. Tornadus

  6. Cobalion

And no, you don’t earn exp at the Battle Subway, and for training, you can look for shaking patches of grass in the route just before the League to battle Audinos. They give big amounts of exp, and you can use a lucky egg as well.
Why did you suggest Sigilyph? The resulting team still has 3 flying Pokemon...
I know, that’s why I told the person that I could change Archeops for a better Pokémon. Personnally, I don’t like Archeops, but it’s just advice.
I'm pretty sure Archeops's acrobatics is stronger than any attack used by a same-level Sigilyph.
I beat the Pokemon League using an Unfezant... it was also the only flying type on my team.
Almost any Pokemon can defeat the Pokemon League if its level is high enough.
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Audinos give a Good EXP, and I don't reached the League in BW. You can find him in Giant Chasm (near the League)