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I need to know where to train, my Pokemon are, Greninja, lvl 61, Charizard lvl 65, Lucario lvl 61, Krookodile, lvl 59, Pikachu lvl 60, and Salamence lvl 58.


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Battle Chateau

This should help you. The marchioness girls have Audinos which give tons of experience. Good luck!

I thought the battle chateau was only accessed after defeating the champion and battles there don't yield xp. I don't play gen 6, so I guess I was wrong.
No, that's Battle Maison. Battle Chateau is accessable very early on and does yield Exp.
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At this point, you may choose simply to challenge the Pokemon league repeatedly. Eventually, the exp gained from defeating the elite 4 will allow you to defeat the champion. If you want to do level grinding, go to Victory Road and defeat wild Pokemon there until your Pokemons' levels are high enough.