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Gender: I am an Elf!!!
Country: Lothlorien (actually Middle-Earth)
Favorite Pokémon: Latias, Cobalion, Dragon-Arceus
Friend Codes: Friend Codes:

(Black)4642-4690-5925 Name(Black)
(Black 2)5029-2254-7325 Name(Black 2)
About me: I am leaving the site guys. This is nothing against anyone. I was always treated great and I know a lot of you guys really liked me. But due to the increase of internet hackers(and those that hack CPU's through the internet), viruses, and information the goverment has access too; I find it best to leave the site. I may come back someday but for now I will only check it once in a while for teams and info. Bye everyone and thanks for all the help you guys have given me!
So bands I like:

Poets of the Fall
Two Steps From Hell
Imagine Dragons
Tenth Avenue North

And much more......

Friends (No particular order so if you are at the very bottom that does not mean you are the worst of my friends):

Beautifly Blade
Artist KS
Frosty Froslass

 I WANT A KELDEO. nature does not matter. I offer a selection of Sinnoh and Johto Legends with a few others in there. I you want Sinnoh or Johto legends tell me. PLEEEEASE!!!!!!! I WANT KELDEO

I also want a male, I repeat male, Dratini/ Dragonair/ Dragonite with ExtremeSpeed. Please.

 Next goal- Expert (6,000)
I want to be an Editor.....

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Oct 8, 2021 by Chaos481
dragon pm
Jul 19, 2020 by melcakes
first post in 4 years
Sep 2, 2018 by IWishAlcremieWasReal
elves for life
Apr 24, 2014 by pkmn Trainer Robin
Apr 24, 2014 by Natsu
*you should
Dec 29, 2013 by PsychicX1
But yeah, ypu shpuld come back :D
Dec 29, 2013 by PsychicX1
Zygarde has more bulk than a Hippowdon, it will not be RU. After a DD, Zygarde can clean sweep an entire team with EQ+Extremespeed. It's going BL or staying OU.
Dec 29, 2013 by PsychicX1
I have Keldeo u hae ARCEUS?
Dec 1, 2013 by Natsu
Just because Claydol is severally outclassed by Blastoise doesn't throw it into a Lower Tier, just as Zygarde, who isn't even "severely" outclassed as a DD/Coil user, shouldn't be as well. Think about what your saying- your throwing a Pokemon that has both the Typing and Bulk to Set Up on every Pokemon in the Tier, and thus overcentralize the Metagame. And so I disagree.

BTW Smogon has already Tiered it as OU, so I think my point stands undefeated...
Nov 2, 2013 by Enoch.EXE