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Country: Indonesia is da best country for me (GMT+7)
Favorite Pokémon: "in what favorite? all time? by types? by roles in competitive? by gens? or what? its very confusing if you dont specify it" -Tsun Ches
Friend Codes: Switch: forgot (will check it when i remember)
Go: forgot my Go password, so i dont remember (i will find a way)
Showdown!: chesta adabi b
Minecraft IGN: Chaos481
Users nickname:
PrimordialSea: primy phantom
SpookieTerrain: spookie
RaidenTheSworded 雷電: zamatrick
Assault Ποσειδώνας: mrow
loki ron: LR
Stephwheel8: steppy
ManetricMadness: sponge
ANoobWithoutANameツ: PRO
JustATypicalPerson: unique


Nuzlocke club/gang/team (nuzlocke is great!!!!!)
- Creative481(myself)
- mega mismagius
- loki ron
- This Guy
Beedrill club (beedrill is one of the best pokemon out there!!!! and its obviously better than butterfree!!!! show love for beedrill!!!)
- Creative481
- mega mismagius
- loki ron
- JustATypicalPerson
- Cicada
- This Guy
About me: ----------------------------
HI! im Chaos481, but you still could *cough* must *cough* chesta or chess!
if you have a nickname for me, tell me! i love nickname :3 (you literally can see i give a lot of nickname)
also, i love nuzlocke! you could say im a nuzlocke expert B)
from indonesia,
youtube channel: Chesta Adabi 481
 im a "generous" person maybe, or "annoying" person maybe
gravatar is from myself:D
dont sent scary stuff
games i play/like:
pokemon, minecraft, roblox and other stuff

i am now liking music and start making it
now im writing a story, you can see my story on wattpad, although its still on-going (link coming soon)
Im gonna do quote page:D

"primy phantom is in the land of the old gravatars

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"hairy yanma
  7 hours ago by Epic Gamer"

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I watched the whole series and I don't recall seeing a derpy Xurkitree screaming "NOOB NOOB NOOBY NOOB REEEEEEEEE"

2 minutes ago
I am actually the real Phanny Dantom

a minute ago
Glhf roflmaolol

seconds from now
Believe me, I am very light-hearted.

fork lifter
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Mr. Beast™
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Pokemon Ecks Dee
1000 point - 01/12/2021
CMB 481 ( Chesta Metronome Battle 481)
Inspired by: MandJTV MML
Point system: win +1 lose -1
Elimination: after every team battle all of the team and then elimination

A. Snorlax (Ace)
B. Togetic
C. Indeedee female
D. Alcremie

A. Miltank (Ace)
B. Poliwrath
C. Slurpuff
D. Galarian Mr.Mime

A. Inteleon (Ace)
B. Mr.Rime
C. Hitmonlee
D. Sableye

A. Dusknoir (Ace)
B. Munchlax
C. Chansey
D. Togekiss

A. Gengar (Ace)
B. Ludicolo
C. Indeedee male
D. Machoke

A. Grimmsnarl (Ace)
B. Aromatisse
C. Dusclops
D. Kadabra

A. Alakazam (Ace)
B. Machamp
C. Blissey
D. Polteageist

A. Hitmonchan (Ace)
B. Politoed
C. Mr. Mime
D. Clefable

Pick your favorite team and support them ( and tell me in my wall who support:)

coming soon, and happen at random times

round 3
1. fatty power vs cursed struggle + (MVP: indeedee female)
2. whitney wrath vs bulk noir
3. goblin vine vs abra kadabra + (MVP: machamp)
4. james pond vs punching bag

team points
fatty power: 1
whitney wrath: -2
james pond: 2
bulk noir: 0
cursed struggle: -1
goblin vine: 1
abra kadabra: -1
punching bag: 0

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It's going well. Pogo rarely misses, and he has a ton of HP so the damage he takes when he does miss isn't a huge concern. Unfortunately, he hasn't been headbonking as much because I'm Shiny hunting (or rather putting off Shiny hunting) on Shining Pearl and I'm too lazy to swap the cartridges every five minutes. Which is a shame, because I miss headbonking every enemy in sight. There's a certain joy that comes from it. Or maybe I just like hearing Pogo make funny sounds. He does that a lot. GAGAHHHHH-
1 day ago by Yuya the Goggles
Thanks, and I will! Pogo shall be headbonking. :3

Oof. But good luck with school and all!
6 days ago by Yuya the Goggles
Yikes. Tons of work AND you have to do it fast? I hate that. Another reason school is lame: not only do they teach you a ton of stuff you probably won't use (like ever), they make you do a bunch of stuff that's just about as useful.

And I'm good, putting off a Shiny hunt so I can play Live A Live, as well as a Mario Maker 2 course I've been... well, wanting to make. I can't really say trying. Music levels are such a pain, but they're awesome once you finish 'em. But with my attention span, it's gonna be a while before I actually do finish one. I've tried to make two of them, but gave up so fast. Kinda sad really. On the plus side, uh... I get to have Pogo headbonk stuff on Live A Live instead.
Aug 2 by Yuya the Goggles
Thanks! I got it on the 22nd, and I've beat it once. Extremely fun game, pretty weird but still cool. Pogo is pretty dang cute. He makes funny noises. I like Pogo.

Oof. School sounds like a pain. But how are you?
Jul 31 by Yuya the Goggles
Oh that makes sense. Tbh 9th grade isn't that difficult, I remember I'd get straight As in that with just 1 to 2 hours of study lol. Hoping abra kadabra wins more matches in the future. :)

Quack! ;)
Jul 20 by xPsydxck
Most of the time, green hair is ugly. But Gau and Pogo are downright precious. I mean, yeah, Gau's really scrawny, but you can't really tell in-game. Also for whatever reason he's blond in his Final Fantasy 6 overworld sprite. Which is... something.

Glad you're doing well! And I can definitely relate to the answering thing. I've been wanting to answer more questions recently as well. Also I should update my old answers, which I'm apparently putting off. Sad. Anyway, I'm good! I read some Warrior cats books, played some random demos, beat a couple games... pretty much the usual. My mom pre-ordered Live A Live (which I seem to be telling everybody), so soon after it's released, I'll have it. A physical copy, too. So that's exciting. :3
Jul 13 by Yuya the Goggles

...What is it with me being fond of Square Enix's green-haired kids...?

Anyway, how are you? :3
Jul 11 by Yuya the Goggles
CMB 481*
Jul 9 by xPsydxck
Hey Chesta, how are ya doing mate? :)
You getting the time to continue 481 these days?! I see Abra Kadabra are stuck at -1 for a long time now.
Jul 9 by xPsydxck
Jul 4 by Yuya the Goggles