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Any good places to train for the Pokémon Red/Blue Elite Four?


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I use to face the elite four multiple times until my Pokemon actually grew a bit... It took a few weeks to be honest probably not what you'd want to hear but it does work. I had in Pokemon yellow my raichu vs elite four player no1.. I ko'd elite four no# with just first raichu which was lv 52 only.. Try areas like

Victory road use repel for low level Pokemon, go to end of cave so you got a Pokemon centre and an exit nearby

Cycling road, Pokemon here were lv 30

Also The Elite Four. Even if you cant beat them, they yield good exp.

Aaaaand they give a good amount of money out plsu when you fail second elite four you return back to the Pokemon centre and have to face no 1 again and I dont mean to annoy you here but the elite four are nothing compared to the champion, so goodluck you'll meed Pokemon at lv 55 really.

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My current pokemon on pokemon yellow which is basically the same game as blue/red ive got and finished it

Raichu lv 63
Pidgeot lv 58
Slowbro lv 53
Nidoking lv 58
Exxegutor lv 56
Dragonite 67
Thanks for all the info mate
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There aren't really any places with extremely high level Pokemon to train. The places I've used in the past have been victory road (water/grass), Pokemon Mansion (Water, ground, rock), and seafoam island (Electric, grass)

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Victory road, I am there myself right now. Use max repels, they stop the level 20 Pokemon, but the level 40 Pokemon still come so you get more experience.