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Me stuck beating elite4 need help

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Uh... I can't really read the rest of that Scribble, But I can tell you where to Train for The Elite Four!

The best places to Train are in [Victory Road][1] And [Route 10][2]

For the Elite Four Rematch, I would Say to Fight Cynthia and Morimoto, and Maybe train on some of the Wild Giant Chasm Pokemon.

Also, Now reading that " Scribble " We aren't allowed to " Make " a Team for you, Although if You post your whole team in a different question, with Moves,Pokemon,Natures and Stats/Ev's then we Can Tell you ways to make your team better, Good luck with the Elite Four :D
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Victory_Road_(Unova)
[2]: http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Unova_Route_10

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Well, as for a team youre going to have to do that. And the best place to train for the elite four is victory road.

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Use a bug type,flying type,psychic type,fighting type,ghost type,and dark type.

Victory road is a good place to train if your battling them for the first time. Try route 18 if you want to though.

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If you're trying to beat them for the first time then try looking for shaking grass on route 10 and kill some audino. Victory road is good too, but unless you have a fire pokemon the durant can get very annoying.

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must i really KILL them?!
NO . you beat the daylights out of them , not KILL them.


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