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Can I have a list of training spots for training Pokemon of different levels please. Eg. Train lvl 5-10 at route 32. Idk if this is right. My current team is half 25-29 and the other half is 35-38. I really need training spots for these to ranges. I haven't got Whirlpool so Seafoam islands is inaccessible.
Thanks in advance!

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I've made a list exactly like this here. For the ranges you talk about in particular, I recommend Route 44 or 48 for level 23-29 and Victory Road for 35-38.

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Thanks for the website, it was a great help!
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For 25-29, go to Cianwood City and surf for Tentacruel & Tentacool. They give decent experience and are relatively easy to take out.

For 35-38, you need Waterfall to train any faster. If you have Waterfall already, go to Route 47, go down to the bottom level of the cave, surf, up the waterfall and there's a small patch of grass with stuff like Miltanks and Dittos. Let the Dittos transform if you're confident you can take whatever it transforms into out in 1 hit. If not, just go for the Miltanks and/or go there at night so there's Noctowls to take out as well.