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Okay so I just beat the first gym in my heart gold, and I'm having major level issues. My highest level is 12 so I'll be in a tough training situation with my lowest level being 6. So if any of you could help it would be appreciated.

sorry for acting like  that
all your suggestions where good and i did try some of them sorry for being like a jerk
Why not make Rare Candies from a shuckle? 030

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first of all, he's not far enough in the game to get a shuckle
second of all, that was only in gen 2
The whole point of the comment was off the current question about RC and shuckle ;P

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HeartGold and SoulSIlver are two of the most difficult games in terms of training, as the wild Pokemon's levels are low compared to what the gym leaders and Elite Four's levels will be. Here are a few tips for early game that can help with levelling up -

  • Your party: Currently, you have 5 Pokemon, which is a lot for such an early portion in the game. Of course, its definitely doable, but grinding obviously becomes easier if you have less Pokemon. Later on, of course you can add more Pokemon, but for now, less can be more. Take this with a grain of salt, its a small suggestion that can help in the long run.
  • Switch training: Switch training is one of the main ways to level up lower level Pokemon. As you mentioned, you have a Level 11 Totodile and a Level 12 Mareep. You can send out your weaker Pokemon, and swap out for Totodile or Mareep, defeat the Pokemon, and gain experience for both Pokemon, Once the lower level Pokemon is strong enough, you can just not switch into Totodile or Mareep.
  • Use the patch of grass directly south of Violet City. You can find Pokemon such as Bellsprout, which gives slightly higher EXP compared to all the Pidgeys and Rattatas in earlier routes. Obviously, once you get higher, you can definitely move on to areas with Pokemon with higher levels.
  • Train all your Pokemon: The main problem with many people playing Pokemon is that they train just several Pokemon, not their entire party. Make sure you attempt to get all your Pokemon to around a reasonable level. It seems that you mainly put your focus on just 2 Pokemon, which will become harder to manage in the long run.
  • PokeGear: Although it won't be of too much use right now, you can collect PokeGear numbers of some trainers you battled. After some time, some might call you for rematches, which is EXP and money, which you can definitely use.
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