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I need to battle Red....
For all Levels.


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Mt.Sliver is the best place by far. If they are low level Pokemon just use the Exp.Share.

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Yeah, Mt. Silver is good - and easy if you have Grass, Ice, or Water type Pokemon to train, but you only gain about 600 to 800 experience points per battle.

I think the over-all best way to level-up for any Pokemon above LV38 is the Elite Four. You average easily 1200 - 2200 experience points per battle with each Elite Four Pokemon.

Plus, you get both experience and money by battling them over and over.

You guys should realize that rematching the elite four will cause them to have higher levels and you cant heal in between meaning its even harder.
You can heal in between the Elite Four members by using Revives and Full Restores.
So waste money instead when you can heal for free outside of mount silver
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The 3rd best place to train is Mt.Silver if you are training by battling wild Pokemon.
You will get around 600-1000 exp per battle, depends on the Pokemon you encounter.

The 2nd best place to train is the elite four.
You will manage around 1200-2000 exp per Pokemon.

but the number 1 best place in my opinion is rematching the gym leaders
look at this website for the info:

Hope I helped

As for the gym leader thing you can only do it about once a week and they are very tough, you still have to train for them
i suppose, but u can change the day and time on the ds/dsi