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I'm currently playing a nuzlocke challenge run on Pokemon Platinum. Having to stick to the Pokemon I catch without getting doubles unless they die and being kind of a newbie to properly training Pokemon while paying attention to IVS, EVS and Natures, I'm a bit lost with the team I have at the moment and I need a bit of help to bring out the best from each monster with training and movesets.
Also note that I'll be using them only ingame, not for actual competitions!

First off, I picked Turtwig as starter, who's now a Grotle at lv.28, Gentle nature, 83 HP, 56 ATK, 53 DEF, 44 S.ATK, 46 S.DEF and 30 SPD; I'm not too sure what to do with him due to his nature that lowers defense, which I suppose should be very important for a future Torterra, but I'm also 100% keeping him on the team, unless he dies obv.
Then I have a classic Staravia, lv.26, Adamant nature, 66 HP, 57 ATK, 34 DEF, 29 S.ATK, 36 S.DEF and 56 SPD; obviously keeping as an attacker, especially for fight types, and her nature is good for attack.
Ponyta, lv.27, Impish nature, 69 HP, 55 ATK, 52 DEF, 36 S.ATK, 44 S.DEF and 64 SPD; bad nature since it lowers S.ATK and basically all strong fire moves are special, but she's also the only fire type I have.
Rotom, lv.28, Naive nature, 73 HP, 41 ATK, 55 DEF, 60 S.ATK, 47 S.DEF and 66 SPD; fast af, which if I'm not mistaken is a good thing for rotom, but I have no idea what role they could cover in the team. I also picked him over Luxio because of the Ghost type, which I miss in the team like Psychic and Dark.
Shieldon, lv.23, Lonely nature, 48 HP, 30 ATK, 54 DEF, 26 S.ATK, 48 S.DEF and 22 SPD; I originally wanted him to be a staller for the team with the classic high defenses and Toxic/Rest combo, but his nature works against me so :v Don't know if I'll keep him in the team, but I do need a sturdy Pokemon that can take hits for the team and annoy the enemy.

Last but not least, I just got Bebe's Eevee, quirky nature, lv.20 with 52 HP, 32 ATK, 25 DEF, 27 S.ATK, 33 S.DEF and 27 SPD; I know it's not the best base to start for any of the eevolutions, but at least being a neutral nature I can try training him in specific areas. Point is, I don't know which evolution I should pick; I initially thought about Vaporeon because I sorely miss a good water type in my team (I currently have Bibarel and it kinda sucks and the only other water type I managed to catch is a Shellos, but I could also get a Magikarp if needed) but I'm not too sure about it.

I'm currently just before the third Gym, and I can't catch any more Pokemon as I got one for each place I've been. In the box I have Geodude, Onix, Machop, Shellos, Budew, Luxio, Togepi, Zubat, Drifloon, Bronzong, Nosepass and Bibarel, as possible alternatives for the team I currently have.
Cynthia's team honestly terrifies me and I want to prepare at best for the League, possibly without losing any of my buddies.
Thanks in advance for the help!


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I'm pretty sure that one of the most important strategies in Nuzlockes is level grinding. If you ever worry that the team is too weak, then simply head to the nearest tall grass and stay there until your Pokemon are 12 or 13 levels higher than the next gym leader. Level grinding is significantly easier than worrying about EVs, IVs, or natures.

As for your Pokemon, I think Gyarados is better than Vaporeon. You already have an electric Pokemon, and none of the other Eeveelutions are good, so you shouldn't use Eevee at all. Also, Shieldon is hindered by low HP and a crippling ground weakness, so I'd recommend not using Shieldon so you have more time to level grind your other Pokemon. If you really want to continue using Shieldon, then it can eat only whole coffee beans because it's weak to ground things. :P