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Are there any trainers somewhere in Diamond which I can easily defeat and spam the VS Seeker on? I badly need to grind for the Pokémon League. Provided that this is a Nuzlocke, I would also like to earn more cash to buy enough healing items before I take on the Elite Four.

I just grinded a little bit in victory road and beat Cynthia second try with a team of Pokémon in their late 40s and early 50s
I think Route 223 is the best place to use the VS seeker. Multiple trainers use Pokemon over level 60 when they rematch you.
Thank you! I will have to buff up my Luxray for easy kills then and slowly raise my team with the Exp Share.
As for money, there is an old couple near the Pokémon mansion that gives lots of cash with the VS seeker. Get a luck incense (ravaged path I think) and fight them and you get like $16,000 dollars
I was able to find the amulet coin in Amity Square...does it stack if I have both amulet coin and luck incense in a double battle?
Not sure
Actually, says here that they don’t stack.
So just use a Pokémon with an amulet coin in the front of your party and beat one of the old people there, they have teams of only one Pokémon (man has chatot, I think the lady has Roselia but I can’t remember)
This is a lot of help. Thank you!

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Well, I suppose I will answer this.
As sumwun stated, use the VS seeker on route 223 to train your Pokémon’s levels, and rematch the old couple near the Pokémon Mansion with the VS seeker with a Pokémon holding the Amulet Coin to get money for potions. I recommend getting your team all to about 60 or so to beat Cynthia. If you caught Dialga, give it a Shuca Berry and you can OHKO Cynthia’s garchomp with Roar of Time. You can get a Shuca Berry from Pastoria City. Also, beware of the lucario of hers. For me it was worse than her garchomp

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Well, what moves does the gastradon have?
Ice Beam, Surf, Hidden Power (Steel), and Mud Bomb (I used my Earthquake TM on my Garchomp)
Looks like it can OHKO with ice beam, I would get it to high level just to be safe. Also, use your garchomp for her evil lucario, but beware of that lucario’s dragon pulse if you do
yeah, i'm kinda lining up my own garchomp against her lucario because i figured garchomp can outspeed the doggo :)

anyways, thanks so much for all the feedback :D
Your welcome! Glad I could help :)