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(Pokemon Emerald)
What is the best place to grind EXP in Pokémon Emerald for lower - level Pokemons?
Also, is there any tips for grinding so that it is fastest as possible?
Also, is there anyways that you can get the EXP - All when you got the EXP - Share already?

The day care. Shove your mons in there and just move left right again and again. If you're on emulator then even better just activate the speedup. From that town west of Mauville to the fisherman east of the place, it is possible for you to walk from one end to the other without running into stuff
You can give an exp. share to it and then battle higher level Pokemon. Also there's no exp. all in Emerald, regardless of whether you have the exp. share.

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If you want your low level Pokemon to level up as fast as possible, you should give it an exp. share, use it in a battle against another trainer's high level Pokemon, and then immediately switch to your high level Pokemon. Make sure your battle mode is shift, not set, so you can do this multiple times in one battle. Trainers' Pokemon give 1.5 times as much experience as wild Pokemon if all the other variables (species, level, etc) are the same.
If you want to EV train your low level Pokemon in HP, you can run around in Rusturf Tunnel (100% Whismur). If you want speed, you can use an old rod or good rod on Route 104 (100% Magikarp) or run around in Altering Cave (100% Zubat). If you want any other EVs, I don't think there's a good EV training place with low level wild Pokemon.

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