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I've got a serious problem. My starter is like level 18, but everyone else in my party is around level 11. I need to grind them up for my next gym battle, but I can't seem to find a place. Where's a good level grinding spot?

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Isn't pidgeotto level 13?
thats the first gym
There really aren’t that many great places to grind for the second gym in HGSS if you’ve beaten all the trainers. All the wild Pokémon are only around level 4-7 and don’t give a lot of XP. It might just be better to try and bulldoze Bugsy with your starter and then grind the rest of your team when you get to Route 34.
Sorry, but what does git gud mean?
I would say the B1F, but no matter what, it is gonna be a little grind.
I mean, I caught a sparrow. I figured it'd be useful. also, my starter doesn't have bulldoze. It's totodile/croconaw
It's not useful if it needs grinding. Just put all your other Pokemon in the PC and then repeatedly challenge your gym with your Croconaw until you win. Croconaw learns ice fang (which is super effective against Scyther) at level 21, so you should be able to win at that level.

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As I said earlier, the easiest way to defeat Bugsy (and every opponent in the rest of the game) is to use only your starter and maybe a Gyarados or Raikou. If you still want to level up your Spearow (or a rock Pokemon, those are also good against Bugsy), then you should probably grind on Route 33 during daytime. This maximizes the chance of finding Hoppips, which are weak to peck.

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I think that starter, Ampharos and red gyarados is another good combo for a playthrough
The red Gyarados might work with Meganium or Typhlosion, but I don't think it's useful if you have a Feraligatr. Also I'm pretty sure Ampharos is worse than Raikou.