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I'm doing a Nuzlocke, and I have reached Anistar City (but no Gym Badge). I had three unfortunate deaths, and now I need to train a Sneasel, a Gourgeist, and a Trapinch to the Level 48 - 50 range. What's a good place to do so?

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out of curiosity who died
My Aurorus, my Pyroar, and my Vivillon. I really hate the Frost Cavern.

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Incidentally, the Frost Cavern is actually a really good place to train Pokémon for the Anistar City gym, whether you're battling trainers or wild Pokémon.

If you'd prefer a place to train with lower level wild Pokémon, Route 16 is relatively close by. Just for reference, the Anistar City Gym is a psychic type Gym, so training Pokemon with Bug, Ghost, and Dark type moves is a really good idea.

If you'd like the option of running away to a Pokémon Center when battles get dicey, I'd recommend fighting wild Pokémon. It also might be useful to have Pokémon with Dig and Fly handy for a quick escape from the cavern, or just a mon with Fly and a collection of escape ropes. I'm still willing to trade some Pokémon to you if you want, to help your team. I also have Pokémon with Dig and Fly, if you just want those.

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I don't think you can trade during a nuzlock. You can't catch any Pokemon you want either, so suggesting move typings can be arbitrary because they can't choose what Pokemon or moves are available, and they probably picked the best Pokemon for this fight anyways. :P
I just finished training my Gourgeist. Thanks for the help!
You're welcome.