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What is the best place to train before the Blackthorne gym?

So far my team is the following:
Typhlosion Lv 40 (Flame wheel, Lava Plume, Swift, Cut)
Ampharos Lv 35 (Thunderbolt, Thunder, Flash, Headbutt)
Noctowl Lv 34 (Fly, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Psychic)
Heracross Lv 35 (Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Strength, Rock Smash)
Quagsire Lv 34 (Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Mud Bomb)
Mamoswine Lv 35 (Blizzard, Ancient Power, Mud Bomb, Avalanche)

I have 7 badges now.

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Your best bet'd be Route 47 and Rebattling Trainers

Route 47 by the Cliff Edge Gate has level 38~40 Miltanks that grant 1000 Exp each when defeated and a bunch of other Pokémon like Fearows and Dittos. Have an "Exp-rich" Pokémon (e.g your starter, Mamoswine) in front of your party while encountering Ditto and you'll find leveling up easier.

As for trainer rebattles, make sure you always say yes whenever a trainer asks your phone number. They will occassionally call for battles and by each call their team's levels increases to match your current party's.

Hope this helps!

Source: Route 47
Source: Pokégear Calls List

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Do i have to make any changes to the moves I taught so far?
Depends on your needs, honestly. Currently, its all good, but replace Mud Bomb on Quagsire at lv 36 as it learns equake.
Flame wheel and cut are useless when you can use lava plume and swift. Replace them with dig and focus blast.
Headbutt is not super effective against anything, so replace it with focus blast. Also thunder wave is more useful than flash.
Rock smash is useless when you can use brick break. Delete it so Heracross can learn close combat later without using a heart scale.
If you're willing to replace your Pokemon, surf on Route 43 and use a repel to repel all wild Pokemon except the level 50 Magikarp. Catch that Magikarp, use a rare candy, and replace Quagsire with your new level 51 Gyarados.

Also why don't you just repeatedly battle Clair until you get enough experience to win? I think this should be the fastest way to level up your Pokemon.
Im planning to teach typhlosion moves like flamethrower and rock climb. I totally agree about flame wheel and cut.
Besides, I'm teaching Ampharos iron tail, even though it is not that accurate. And just like azureshiram said, I would replace mud bomb with earthquake. But believe me, I know how to use rock smash for heracross. And i have confirmed that these moves for noctowl are the ones that i am going to use till the elite Four and champion.
Is it okay if I stick to ancient power for mamoswine? Or should I have to use another move?
Ancient power has low base power, no STAB, and uses Mamoswine's low special attack stat. It's almost never useful on Mamoswine. I think your best choice is a strong physical attack, like superpower or stone edge.