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Don't know if this is allowed or not...

So today I caught a shiny Sneasel and I want to train her to at least level 40 before I do more hunting. Currently, she is level 34. The moves she has are Agility, Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, and Faint Attack. I'm trying to avoid using TMs unless I must. Keep in mind that I've beaten the seventh gym, went through Mt. Coronet, but I haven't beaten Volkner yet.

What are some good trainers (Vs seeker) or wild Pokemon I can battle?

Congrats on the shiny!  

If this remains unanswered in the few days I’ll pull up my oak guide and answer
What do you want to do with this Sneasel? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Frontier, in-game trainers, or something else?
I thought I made it pretty clear that I wanted to get it to at least level 40. Not beating Volkner yet means this is for In-game.
Why don't you just give it an exp. share and then use your higher level Pokemon to battle trainers?
That’s not really practical sumwun
How is it not practical? It takes less time than going back to certain places and using the VS seeker.
Exp gets cut in half when using the EXP share. And even if you did use the EXP share, you’ll still need to rematch trainers unless you want to grind low level Pokémon in grass. It would take twice as long

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Here's what the Oak Guide I use says!

There are lots of trainers around routes 216 and 217 if you’ve avoided them. Otherwise, practice on the trainers in the gym.

With the Vs Seeker in mind, there are three trainers that I found useful to rematch over and over. The Breeder with a Happiny on Route 210 is a godsend for weaker Pokemon. Happiny knows Sweet Kiss, Charm, Copycat and Refresh. So it’s only actual attacking move is potentially Copycat. Route 214 was probably my favourite route for rematches. There’s two Collector trainers with fantastic teams for gaining exp although admittedly not as good as in Platinum. On the northern side of the route running between two fences is a Collector with a team of three Ponyta. The second Collector is at the very southern tip of the route. He has three Roselia. Aside from the rematches, the café at Lake Valor Hotel is a great source of exp with all the double battles that are available every day. Don’t forget that you can defeat the trainers in the gyms and there are a fair few of them!

If you’ve caught everything so far, now is the time to do this section with another temporary double battle partner (i.e. free healing). In the south western part of Canalave City you’ll find a sailor next to a boat who will take you to Iron Island. You’ll also pick up Strength HM on the way in. If you venture far enough into the cave you’ll meet Riley who will team up with you and his Lucario.

There's of course more places, but these are the best for mid-late levels. If you haven't seen Riley yet, it would be worthwhile to venture with him for the free healing and double battle.
Unfortunately, there's not a lot of good spots mid-game. These may take a while, but from my experience, these are the best ones out there.

For extra EXP, you can try to get the Lucky Egg.

You can find the Lucky Egg off of wild Chansey in Route 209. It has a 5% chance of holding it. You might want to use a Pokemon with the Frisk ability to see if the Chansey is holding a Lucky Egg.

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Okay, thanks. I'll be sure to try the Happiny and Roselia trainers.
The ponyta trainers are also worth checking out. When I did my oak challenge in platinum, I got upwards 800 Exp killing level 8 wild ponyta before the first gym. Your Pokémon has a type disadvantage, but it’s higher level and probably faster. One shot KO a trainers ponyta in the 20’s to 30’s or so is bound to give lots of experience
Alright. Just got to find a shiny Bronzer lol.