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I having trouble find a place to train for the elite 4 and champion. My Pokémon are around lv. 50 and this is my team. If you think I should switch to my other team members let me know. This is the first time I going to beat the game.

My Elite 4 and Champion Team:
Turtwig (I didn't want to evolve it) lv. 50
-leech seed
-giga drain
-razor leaf

Staraptor lv.50
-aerial ace
-brave bird
-close combat

Buizel ( Same thing here) lv.48
-aqua jet
-quick attack
-water gun

Kadabra lv 50
-hidden power (water)
-psybeam (I thinking out getting calm mind remembered)

Gastrodon lv.46
-hidden power (ghost)
-mud bomb

Rapidash lv.43
-fire blast
-fire spin (trying to get a different move)
-take down ( not so bad)
-agility (same here)

Other team members
Pachirisu lv.51
-sweet kiss
-quick attack

Gabite lv.42
-take down
-dragon claw

Dialga lv.47
-metal claw
-ancient power
-dragon claw
-roar of time

Please help me! Thank you! :)


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First off, for the love of Pokemaster, evolve your Pokemon.

Floatzel (with Swift Swim/Choice Scarf) is the fastest Pokemon in the game, and you will need Torterra's bulk for the Pokemon League (especially for Flint).

As for training your Pokemon, Victory Road is your best bet. The average Pokemon level there is Level 48, and is a bit more challenging spot to train at.

For easier training, train your Pokemon at Route 222. Level 40-42 Pokemon appear there and should be easier for your team to train at.

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Is my team ok or do I change to my other team members
Replace your Rapidash with Gabite, and replace Hidden Power with Calm Mind (since Water covers a whopping 0 of its weaknesses and you have Gastrodon).
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Well its very easy, so go to the day care center located in Solaceon town and put 2 of your Pokemon in the daycare then ride back and forth on your bike there's a really long straight path on Solaceon towns road. every step you take each Pokemon gets 1xp do this while watching something and level up Pokemon 3 times in 30 min around, (Torterra does like 2x damage 3x defence and 3x health so I would definitely evolve him. (stock up on revives and hyper potions)