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Please Help.. He takes forever to train... :c


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Use a lucky egg :D if you dont have one look for a chansey in wild and use thief on it I think there's a 50% chance you get one, and if you dont know what the lucky egg does it doubles the amount of xp you recieve in after a battle if you dont wanna try that you can always make a team made up of legendaries put a exp share on relicanth and beat the E4 over and over again. well thats how I train my Pokemon in platinum.

Good luck with relicanth!

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Thanks! I actually have a chansey but it didnt have a lucky egg :c but Ill see if I can get one with it!
Oh and ... Its not a 50% chance.. its actually a 5% chance... :( but Ill try!
sorry about the chansey thing XD
just edit it out,
use a compoundeyes