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My Pokemon are :

Feraligatr lvl 64

Jolteon lvl 56

Heracross lvl 52

Crobat lvl 53

Dragonite lvl 55

I want to get them all to level 70-75,whats a good place to train ?


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If you've defeated the E4 First Round, then I would say keep challenging them, slap the Exp. Share on one poke, use another and you'll quickly rack up levels. The other place to train would be what'sitsname (The Mountain) where you fight Red. However those wild Pokemon aren't as strong as the E4 so it would be a lot slower.
You'd also be able to re-challenge the E4 after you've beaten the Kanto league, but it's not as fast and easy.

You could also rack up good money this way
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I would suggest there at Mt. Silver. The place has Pokemon that raises all the EVs. From experience, Dolphan gives the most exp. points. So if you have your Pokemon fully EVed by now, then please igbore the list below.

Pokemon and EV yields:
Larvitar and Pupitar raises attack by 1 and 2 receptively
Dolphan raises attack and defence by 1(each)
Onix, Tangela, and Graveler raises defense (Onix and Tangela by 1, Graveler by 2)
Golbat, Ponyta, Rapidash, and Sneasel raises speed (Ponyta and Sneasel by 1, Rapidash and Golbat by 2)
Phanpy and Quagsire raises HP by 1 and 2 receptively
Golduck raises SAttack by 1
Misdreavus raises SDefense by 1

Anyway, hope that I helped