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Gender: Boy meets life + games.
Country: America
Favorite Pokémon: Aggron is my most fave. Too many faves to list, here anyway.
Friend Codes: My friend codes are like the Karma Chameleon, they come and go.

When I get X or Y I will share that code.

Friends on site:
Blastiose X
DT- Valet
Colonial Duck

The other people that I know:
(friends that I somewhat know or I've talked to much)
Master Kijani

Pokemaster gets his own group, 'cuz he's awesome and a bag of chips.

{Enter Name Here} if I missed your name. Alternatively give me a shout out in chat or on my wall.

The Official Troll Patrol Squad:
Captan TP (myself)
Private Terk (TERKOIZ)
Private Artist (Artist KS)
Private Haunter G (HaunterTheGhost)
Adam the Intern (Adam.)

If you want to be on the Squad have me recruit you on my wall or on chat!
About me: INTRO:
Playing since Blue version. I prefer to catch Pokemon the old fashion way, the Pokeball. I will try to keep all things real and professional. Yet, I want to have a little fun. As the name implies I'm o the patrol for potential trolls, excluding myself.

 I think my account was started Feb/5/13
Name prior: Veteran78
Possible names (in the Future): -Chameleon, they are cool and I can say "it is I, the Chameleon!" when I enter the chat room
-Sawsilga (Swasbuck + Dialga. It's a spin-off of Xerneas, ok)


Projected Personality:
Bane + Captain Jack Sparrow + Sly Cooper

I was the inglorious veteran, now on patrol. Since trolling is in my nature, any negative feedback WILL automatically boost my status positively more so than regular positive feedback. So any flags, spiteful (in nature) or harsh comments , down votes, and of coarse removed questions of the things I answer/ask will not harm me, but boost the status my being. Don't ask why. Yet that doesn't mean I won't be upset upon receiving these things.

I may not answer a question, or a straight up question, in my full extent, so give my answer or question some thought. Answering may be laconic, but I do mean well and intend to answer correctly. This counts for my not-so-good answering and questioning. Also I am not dedicated to Pokemon as I use to be, which means I will tend to leave out the things that I see on this Database or through non-regular gameplay as a result. If you have a problem with that comment or any other comment regarding me see the comment below.

I tend to be in the chat room late, so any "personal" questions come to that. (EST)

If you had a good run in with me, at least in chat, you are probably what I consider a friend. I won't name any one specific, till the friendship is confirmed.

I am thinking of making a live-action Pokemon movie. I don't have the "stuff" to do it yet. Also known as: I'm not there yet.

I am also thinking of a website for creating animated films and editing live-action films. Feel free to use this idea before I do, because my idea for it is going to be completely original and will blow up your spin-off like the Mythbusters! Also not there yet.

List of faves in numerical order:
-Nidoking - Like 'em not love 'em
-Kabutops - Ultamate prehistoric slayer
-Quinlava - Heard a song about this one, frogot how it goes
-Typhlosion - Bring back Dynamic Punch to this guy
-Fraligatr - Super gator
-Crobat - More like ninja bat
-Ampharos  -Zap Canon here
-Mudkip - Small, cute, from Russia
-Swampert - Best fully evolved starter in Hoenn
-Aggron - My litte friend
-Flygon - Always got one of these guys
-Armaldo - Beastly shrimp
-Torterra - The only mobile piece of earth
-Luxray - The all seer!
-Bronzong - History revival session
-Dialga - If I was a mythological god, I would have his powers
-Samurott - the only pokemon that should be a bit bigger
-Scrafty - Small little trouble makers
-Galvantula - The crazy electric spider
-Cobalion - One cool dude
-Keldeo - What can I say

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Oct 8, 2013 by CluelessPonyta
Hello Mr.Troll Patrol. I want to be part of this organization of Troll Patrol, I was recruited by Adam. but I can see that you have taken him off the list. So I'm not recruited yet. So, may I join? P.S could you give Adam a second chance?
Sep 14, 2013 by Artist KS
Captain, reporting for duty sir, with the weekly report (even though its not the end of the week) I have seen no signs of potential trolls anywhere on the META or Pokébase. If there is anything you would like me to do please inform me on my wall.

Sep 4, 2013 by TERKOIZ
Thank you, I shall use my knowledge of trolling to aid you in you're quest to rid the world of trolling .XD
Sep 2, 2013 by TERKOIZ
Lemme be on the troll patrol squad :>
Sep 2, 2013 by Distortion Keeper
medicham+choice scarf=troll!!!!
Sep 2, 2013 by geodudedude
TP I do troll people sometimes (as its my guilty pleasure :$) but do not consider me an enemy I would be willing to end my trolling ways to become a part of the Troll Patrol Squad. If you accept my request I shall take it with great honor. lol :$
Sep 2, 2013 by TERKOIZ
Bro Patrol
Aug 26, 2013 by xxsilverxx
I am proud to be the first member in your Troll Patrol Squad. At your service, Sir!
Aug 26, 2013 by Adam.
Trolly Patrolly!! :P
Aug 22, 2013 by Aeternis