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For Pokemon between the levels 30 and 50:

Most recommend spot:
-Cycling path
-Island 1,2,3,4

For Pokemon between the levels 50 and 60:
-Victory Road
-Cerulean Cave

For Pokemon between the levels 60 and 100:

Most recommend spots:
-Pokemon League
-Pokemon rangers on island 7
-Lady Jackie on resort gorgeous ( gives 10 000 poke yen anytime you beat her)

Hope this helped :)

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How do I get to the Islands?
Those areas are only available in FireRed and LeafGreen.
You have to beat the elite four, get the national dex, and at last you need find the ruby plate on island 1. Give it to the guy that is in the island 1 pokemon center and he will give you a rainbow pass.

You can get the the national dex by owning at least 60 pokemon and get the ruby plate on island 1 where the team rocket grunts are standing. But they won't move until you have beaten the elite 4
And to get to the first three islands you must take the Seagallop Ferries from another island or Vermilion City in Kanto
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