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What is the best place to evolve Gabite, I am playing Pokemon X for the first time and OH MY GOD is the Exp share is broken I have done the game till the haunted mansion and my team is Level 45 ?!?I have decided to use a Garchomp, my current team is

a Xerneas I will add later in the story

I know that Gabite is in the slow leveling group I have given it the Lucky Egg and currently am grinding on Audinos on route 6, but the sad thing is they are kinda rare and are level 10 they give decent experience like 1000 but I have to kill like 7 Audino to level up once and so I have to kill a tons of them to level up till Lv 45.
Please suggest a better place to grind before the Fairy Gym.

Thanks in advance for help

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Honestly if you keep battling stronger ingame npc trainers by putting your Gabite in the front of the party and then immediately switching out to a stronger Pokemon, it'll be faster than farming with level 10 Audinos and it will help you progress through the game as well.
I considered doing it but I wanna grind some other way as I dont like when my 1 Mon is lagging while others are doing great
Per the rules list, we don't give advice pertaining to emulated games (for a host of reasons). I removed that clause from the question instead of hiding the whole thing.
Dont use garchomp against Valerie its super weak

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Personally, I would just go to the Battle Chateau. While this may not be the most efficient way to start, eventually, it will be pretty fast. Assuming you start at a Baron/ess, you will face 5 People with Lv. 15. Then 13 people with Lv. 20, then is when more Exp comes in. 2 Lv. 25 Pokémon per trainer. This should level up fast without too much trouble. That should work until you get to Level 30 and bythen, you should have ranked up again to face 2 Lv. 35 Pokémon with a boatload of Audinos. Because of that reason, I believe that this is the fastest way.

To back this up, the Battle Chateau is a great method, I got my team to the early 30's before the third gym.