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I am trying to train Pokemon around level 20-30 in ruby and I dont know any places to train up help I havent beaten tate and Liza

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What is your team?
If your levels are still this low, this probably means your team is too big. Try putting a few Pokemon in PC boxes.
I think sumwun is right keep at least five pokemon and one hm slave
Don't you mean at most 5 battling Pokemon? Teams with less than 5 work just fine.

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Route 115 (Surf), Route 122, Route 123, Route 125, Shoal Cave are the places where you can grind. You can even surf from Routes 105 to 109 and visit the abundant ship. You can climb up the MT. Pyre (inside) to collect TM Shadow Ball. There is one trainer in Route 103 etc.

I am surprised that your team is so underlevelled. IF your 'mons are so underlevelled, how did you get past Winona (Fortree Gym)? Or did you miss it? Nonetheless, if you specify your team, it would be helpful to answer your question more accurately.

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Bro first tell your team
Ok so I think the area before fortree city is the best as Im sure you have skipped many trainers there
and please complete all the waterways trainers I am saying about the ocean routes