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This has gone on for long enough. There is no excuse for you to be ignorant of the rules and standards of the site at this point, but you still put out low-quality content that has become more hassle than it's worth for staff to moderate, despite numerous warnings. Because of this, we're banning you for the foreseeable future.
If you would like to talk to us about this, you may contact us over Discord.
1 hour ago by KRLW890
Is he banned yet?
4 days ago by BeastMaster™
Hey. I just wanted to echo what other people have been telling you. Please care about what you post. You should know the rules by now, yet you are not following them. (i.e necroposting without adding useful information, not making good quality posts)

^ Please read the rules carefully and follow them. If you actually care about this site, then please show it by making good quality posts.
Jul 14 by ManectricMadness
hey dude you need to start improving the quality of what you post.

Also, fizz should be respected and replied too, 99.99% of the time what he says is the right thing to do
Jul 14 by GmaxWaluigi
I find it funny how you still ignored fizz
Jul 13 by ™ TY
Hey dude. Just want to let it be very clear this time you're treading on very thin ice. Replying to Fizz is the only way to sort this out.

You changed once, you can again. Only you can change the way this ends. Fizz knows what he is doing, so should you.
Jul 11 by ~Polaris~
We've told you many times already to put more care and nuance into your posts here. I feel like this has fallen on deaf ears, and still you've never given a full reply to our messages. I don't even know if half of what you post is even genuine.
This can only go so long before people's patience is spent and we ban you for a long time. So this is our last warning: if you want to stay here, put context and detail into your posts, and really consider replying to this message. I won't repeat this again.
Thanks for reading.
Jul 10 by Fizz
Just stop please
Jul 10 by ELLIS DEE
Yeah, it's all downhill from here, buddy
Jul 9 by BeastMaster™