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Anyhow, I have two Pokemon I really need to level up, a Litwick and a Tangela, both about Lv.30.

Where should I train these guys before Drayden? I only have 1 Exp.Share, so if there's another I can get it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me where to find it. I just got past Route 13, and my main Pokemon are around Lv.43, if that helps.

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Audino is the solution

Since your Litwick and Tangela are about level 30, the best place to go is Route 6 where you can find Audino at level 23-25. When Litwick and Tangela reach at level 35 or higher, go to Route 7 where you can find Audino at level 30-33.
They give you a lot of EXP, but EVEN MORE while using Exp. Share or a Lucky Egg!

Source - Check this for more information.
Hope this helps.

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Yes you can. I remember in my White, before going to the PokéLeague, I trained my Deino to Hydreigon and my team to 60, it took me 1 week. Then I beat the Champion with 2 Pokémon xD
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Ok thanks Scraf.
Damn. Who's Drayden again?
Isn't he from RSE?
No, he is the Dragon Gym Leader in Black 2 (Gen V).