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That depends what level your Pokemon are at; if it's 80+, yea training can get tedious.

There are a few trainers around that can give decent exp., e.g. Colress and Nimbasa City sports dome. The Royal Cruise ship in Castelia is also good for experience, but can only be challenged at night (so I remember). In Castelia as well, there're two strong trainers in the Game Freak building, Morimoto and Nishino.

Just to recap:
- Cloress
- Straiton City ex-gym leaders
- Cynthia (spring)
- N (once every season)
- Shadow Triad (once every season)
- White Forest tree hollow (Area 10 for 80+)
- Castelia - Royal Unova
- Castelia - Morimoto and Nishino
- Join Avenue - the Fitness counter there (if you already have it)

And also Lucky Egg(s) will help boost exp. gain.

If you're around level 60, then fighting Audinos while holding a Lucky Egg on Route 1 will work as well.

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I would suggest you go to the 'White Tree Hollow'. Simply Because the Higher the area, The Stronger the opposing trainers are, meaning more Experience Points your Pokemon will get. As a Bonus, If you defeat Alder's Grandson (Benga) (The Boss Trainer on Area 10, The final Area), You can go to Alder's house to receive a Shiny Gliblet From his Grandson (Once you've beat him). It's also where you go to unlock the privilege of the White Tree Hollow. (By Battling Alder first). It's also a place where you can go to fill up a bit of you Unova and National Pokedex By Seeing them in battle against other trainers. When you successfully defeat the Boss Trainer of each area, You will receive a gift from the clerk at the counter depending on the Area you passed.

From Areas 1-3:
One of these random items:
From Areas 4-5:
Two of these random items (Both the same Item):

From Areas 6-7:
One of these Random Items:
From Areas 8-9:
Two of a Single Item:
Wing (Clever, Genius, Health, Muscle, Resist, Swift)
Rare Candy

From Area 10:
One of these Items:
Berry (Grepa, Hondew, Kelpsy, Pomeg, Qualot, Tamato)
Rare Candy

You can receive 14 Medals from Mr. Medal For Doing Things In The White Tree Hollow/Black Tower. Here is the Complete list:

  1. Tree Hollow Junior
  2. Tree Hollow Master
  3. Tower Junior
  4. Tower Master
  5. 20 Victories
  6. 50 Victories
  7. 100 Victories
  8. 1000 Victories
  9. Undefeated: Easy
  10. Undefeated: Hard
  11. Pinpoint: Easy
  12. Pinpoint: Hard
  13. Quick Clear: Easy
  14. Quick Clear: Hard

If you Prefer to Battle Audinos, I would Suggest going to route one to battle Audions there in the Rustling grass (Since the level Is highest there V.I.A. not including the Black tower/White Tree Hollow.

If you're feeling lazy and cannot be bothered doing work, Simply go to join avenue to level up your Pokemon (Unless your Pokemon Is One level away from Evolving Since they won't evolve there) Or Use a Rare Candy (If you Have one)

Hope I helped! :)

P.S. Sorry for such the Long Answer.

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Dragonspiral Tower. Simple training spot and unlike other places you don't have to worry about Blacking out. Take a lucky egg with you.

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Well, get a Lucky Egg and go to Victory Road if your like Level 50-60. In the darker grass. Also, look out for the shaking grass since Audino will make a difference to your training stuff.

Then, you can take a look at this lovely link.
That's a list of strong trainers in Black 2 and White 2. Some things will need to be required to battle some of them, and some cannot be rebattled - just take a look. TAKE A LOOK AND REVEAL AAAAAALLLLLLL.

Hope I helped. :)