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I knew about the other thread, I thought the first one was for proofreading or whatever. I am almost done with one of the guide docs. I would try to avoid making any useless content. Useless content is useless. :P
Anyways, thanks!
2 days ago by Stakatacool
Hey, PX, I have a whole lot of free time the rest of today and tomorrow, and was strongly considering making/starting a TCG general guide (Deck-building, Strategy, Archetypes [maybe, if I feel extra good], Specific [how to use/deal with EX, GX, Megas, etc. well] Strategy/Synergies, and some other stuff [Like Type Strategy, Power Shift/Change in strategy, etc.). (IDK how much of this I'll write, or how fast I will)
[Not that this site has many TCG players, but so we'd have one (and hopefully get more TCG players)]

I also want to ask: Do you want me to type it in Google Docs, Paste-bin, Both?, and if Docs, do you want me to allow comments/suggested edits or view only links?

I also know that MechSteelix, KRLW890, Joltiemon GoAt, and (Rio & Trachy, who aren't the most active, but Fizz said have TCG experience) have enough experience to contribute, so we could definitely trust them in contributing (editing, writing, etc.) in this area.

Anyways, thanks! Hopefully more people who like the TCG come to this site, so this will become far more useful than it will be in the beginning. :P
4 days ago by Stakatacool
Hey, I had an idea about the battling basics forum. We could post replays and just go over our thought process in playing the game. It might be able to help newer players learn an appropriate way on how to approach the game. What are your thoughts on this?
Apr 19 by MechSteelix
ok, thanks, but I don't want to post it (because I don't want an argument/I may look a bit "forceful" but I'm not.)
Apr 3 by Stakatacool
@PX Hey, I didn't know who to tell this to, but I won against Mechsteelix, and he said that he was joking and it wasn't a battle that counted (this wasn't on April fools day)(Replay: He then challenged me to a "real" battle and beat me: What I'm asking is: did the first one count? He didn't give any indication that the first one didn't count until it was over, so I fully thought that it counted. I didn't pursue him because I don't like pursuing people. :P Thanks, I guess. (I don't know what to say)
Apr 2 by Stakatacool
Just finished part 4 of jojos. so good
Mar 23 by PX
you now have (text) cake, tea, biscuits, and Charleston chews. see, they're right over there...............................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mar 14 by Stakatacool
A tournament just started, so can you do me a quick favor and post ads for it on Pokebase and RMT?
Mar 10 by sumwun
10 minutes ago you can tinkle my dinkle
Mar 2 by PX