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About me: Lenny
seconds ago I'm gonna get so many livers

seconds ago But my ass was a meme once, so that might count for something ?

seconds ago Holla holla got dolla.

a minute ago PX: Dank memes meets British accent

Doctor Disco
seconds ago tem/tem IGtem would tem again

Bow down to the twerking android cat generals

The scruff says I'm rugged, but the pink says I live in a disco ball.

Teach a man to fish and he'll fish for a day.
Teach a man to finish and he'll never fish again.
2 hours ago by Doctor Disco

'I can see shia lebeouf over there.'
'Really? Looks like someone isn't following their dreams again.'

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Yeah pretty good. Busy year but eh, it's almost over
3 days ago by Silverdragon :D
Aw that's nice good to hear man
4 days ago by Silverdragon :D
Hows everything going ?
4 days ago by Silverdragon :D
Long time ?
6 days ago by Silverdragon :D
hey, you on? i see you in db server
6 days ago by Stakatacool
Now that i'm finally on the internet after many home calamities, the weekend? i'm available @ 2pm and 4pm. That is probably when I'll be on and check the smogon database server
Feb 17 by Stakatacool
oh, shoot PX! this is what i get for not checking the time! You still on, cause we can do it right now if you'd like
Feb 14 by Stakatacool
okay, odds are, i won't miss it, because i'm at home with the flu.
Feb 14 by Stakatacool
So, were at a 5 hour difference? I'm not entirely sure how they name time zones. I'm free from 1-8 pm here in America, whatever that is in the UK. I only check pokebase once a day (usually at 1), so please tell me a day in advance, so i'll actually see it before the time has passed.
Feb 13 by Stakatacool
wait is that 7:30 am because that's like 2 am for you???
Feb 10 by Empty Boxes