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My Pokemon are about lv.32. I want to train more before beating skyla, please help!

If this was White 1 I'd be SOOOOO able to help with this....
my advice; just keep beating up any random people you meet.

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I can give you some advice on training that works in (almost) any area. :D
I usually train by Audino-hunting. In each town, there is a always a place near the town, either before, or around it. A patch of grass. Single-battle grass. I'll break this down into some steps:
• Find a patch of wild grass near a town, or where you need to battle to level up.
• Don't enter it yet! Find a long strip of land that you can ride your bike/run down.
• Continue pacing/biking until you see a shaky patch. Enter the battle.
• More times then not, Audino will appear. However, it is not guaranteed, and you should look at the site's route guide for all the possible Pokemon to show up.
• Lastly, do this as many times as you need to to reach the designated level. This method takes about as much time as battling a bunch of wild Pokemon, but it saves PP usages and in general, HP. Audino's moveset will alter with each route, but most of the time, it isn't to overpowering.

• Try to avoid doing this near water/caves. If you want to find Audino to train against, you'll need to do this only in the grass or else there is a possibility the shaking grass could actually turn out to be a bubbling water spot or a dust cloud.
• Try and Audino hunt near a location where a person can heal your Pokemon for free. These people that heal your Pokemon for free make it so you don't have to go all the way back to a Pokemon center. More to come later.

But for your specific problem, I'm actually in a very similar spot. I'm currently training for Skyla as well. :P Currently, I'm training my team of 5 up to level 45 for our battle. Currently, though, I'm still in Driftveil City training to level 40 before heading through the Chargestone Cave to Mistralton City to finish training. My Audino Spot for Diftveil is the single-patch of grass just before Chargestone Cave, not the double-grass. This spot is very shaky, Audino-wise, though, because the most common Pokemon that show up include Audino, Emolga, and Dunsparce, and more. In this situation, I go over to the double-grass every once-and-awhile because after doing some quick calculations, I can train 2 Pokemon for the roughly the same EXP gain as an Emolga. The house on this route can also heal your Pokemon, so this is a good area.

I know a lot of good Audino spots for anyone that wants to know, so don't be afraid to ask!


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Good way to accidentally EV train for HP, Rio.
xD Never realized, though in a sense, I did. I was mainly going for the EXP. But it's obviously a nice addition. <3
thanks a lot. :)
if you have beaten the elite-4 you better go to the graet tree end reach the tend vloor
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I'd say: use the lucky egg, go find Audino in the grass, face the elite four, go in the big and small stadiums and face the trainers there, face gym leaders (if you didn't already defeat them), battle trainers on the road, and battle wild Pokèmon in the grass. I hope this helped!

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Get the lucky egg from prof juniper in celestial tower, which will give you more exp points, and train in route 7 and celestial tower(try to go to the top floor) as it has the highest level Pokemon before you beat skyla.

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Train at the stadiums in Nibassa City. There are only a few people in the stadiums prior to the completion of BW 2. Every day the stadiums change people, giving the perfect place to train. The people there will have the about the same level as your Pokemon at your current progress. The max level is around 68. If you have a completed BW 1, then you can train at the Nimbassa stadiums. Given if you have 2 DS consoles and patience. Trading between the gen 5 games are proven long and not vital for training.

I recommend training a Joltik and evolving it into a Galvantula. A Galvantula will tear Skyla's birdies apart with blinding speed and major sweeping capabilities. This is what I did and it was effective. Since Galvantula is frail, I recommend a back up Pokemon like another Galvantula or a Probopass in case your Galvantula faints. Probopass is more reliable, but slow and more vulnerable to moves like Swagger.

Other than these two things you can always Audino hunt like Rio suggested. Which is kinda tedious, if you ask me.