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Where is the best place to train for the first gym in Pokemon crystal?

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Falkner's easy to beat. Just catch a Geodude on Route 33(or whichever it is near New Bark Town) and LV it up a bit. Battle trainers and wild Pokemon anywhere. He's really easy to defeat.

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Route 32 is the best, if I was about to train for Falkner.

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Falkner is incredibly easy to beat. Just train your Pokemon to even Lv. 10 (or Lv. 15 to save trouble for Bugsy, she is hard) and you'll smash Falkner.

Hope I helped. :)

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The person with a Metapod and Kakuna is hard? :P
Bugsy's a guy. :P
@ trachy Scyther is annoying.
The thing that is walled and KOd easily by Geodude/Onix is annoying?
Some of us don't bother with getting Geodude and Onix. Remember that. ._.
I love this conversation :P
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The Onix for a Bellsprout is a good trade as well, it gets Rock throw at level 14. Even if you can't get a Steelix, it is still a worthy Pokemon.

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