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I feel i am not ready for the first Gym,i need help

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get in there and razor leaf them all XD
I dont really think you need anything more. As Swaggatron said, Just razor leaf them ALL, do not use any other moves and ONLY use turtwig. Trust me. I beat the gym with turtwig lv 10 ALONE with no probs. You should be ok. (TIP: If turtwig is low on health switch out to one of your other pokes and heal it up. Switch out again and the battle with razor leaf again. that way you can train both your other pokemon too!)
Get a Machop from the Northeast route near Orburge(can't spell it) City. Train it to lv 10, and use Low Kick on Roark's Onix. Anmazing results.
Low Kick won't perform up to it's standard. Onix may take a lot of damage from Low Kick, but due to him having beastly defence, it won't do over half. From having using a level 14 Machop against this gym in my platinum game, Turtwig Absorb is your best bet. Even if it just has base 20 power, it restores health, and Rorark's pokemon don't have very good SDef.

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Well, seeing as the first gym is a rock-type gym, I would suggest getting your Turtwig up a few more levels. A great place to train with Turtwig is the cave before Orburegh City. It's full of rock types, so Turtwig can easily power through them. But, you would have to keep a few levels up on Shinx and Starly, so train Starly at the Orburegh Mine. It's full of Machops, so Starly can also power through them. But with Shinx, there isn't really a specific place to train. I would suggest getting Turtwig up to level 16 to face Rorark's Cranidos

It has very high attack, so you should definitely kill it off quickly.