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i am playing Pokemon platinum and have to grind for wake but am way to weak and have to grind so plz tell where to grind for him.

BTW my highest level Pokemon is 31 6 levels lower than his ace.


  • luxray 31
  • monferno 30
  • togetic 25
  • kirlia 29
  • vaporeon 24
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I usually grind in the valor lakefront area since the mons there give decent xp. That's where I grinded a few days ago for my nuzlocke
You can battle him until you get enough experience to win.
just notice, you say pokemon "pokmeon" in your question
Use vs seeker to battle all the trainers you have faced before this gym. So you will gain enough exp points even without using exp share

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here s the place for grinding before Crasher Wake

I'd say the Seven Stars Restaurant is a good place, since it has daily respawning trainers and you can train up multiple Pokémon at a time, since they're all Double Battles.
Seven Stars Restaurant is located in Hotel Grand Lake
the location of Hotel Grand Lake:
Hotel Grand Lake is technically either part of Route 213 or Valor Lakefront.

Hotel Grand Lake (picture from bubapedia)

Seven Stars Restaurant (picture from bulbapedia)

Source and Source and Source and Source

Hope I helps!

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I don't know where it is as it is my first time playing
@loki ron let me look at more into it