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Gender: male
Country: india
Favorite Pokémon: mega charizard x mega lucario
Friend Codes: Chesta Adabi 481
About me: just a regular guy and a student.
I have beat pokemon emerald and all the johto games and am playing through fire red in a hardcore nuzlocke pattern as i know kanto,johto and hoen behind my head.I have never been lucky and i am also not lucky in this nuzlocke loosing 2 cruisul members of the run those being rattata and mankey because in this nuzlocke the most difficult rule is that i am not allowed to use any supper effective moves in every major battles like gym battles,rival battles,giovani fights and such.

also I play pokemon unite so plz follow me there my unite id is - supriyo2604

shinys caught -

lotad at level 4 as my first encounter while shiny hunting for with.I caught it at rout 102 in the grass.

clans i'm in -
mega mismagius clan - leader is mega mismagius

nuzlocke club - leader is creative 481

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Aug 12 by BM™
Hey, would you mind selecting the BA to this question if you like the answer?
Apr 27 by xPsydxck
Your Shift key finally got repaired! Lesgoooo
Apr 21 by xPsydxck
Is your Shift key broken?
Dec 26, 2021 by Light Hope ♡
Dec 24, 2021 by TheMasterApe
Hey, not to pester or anything, but it'd be really nice if you put just a little more effort on your questions/answers. Proper punctuation helps understand what you're trying to convey better, and it'll help you too, as you'll get better answers/BA's.
While I, and the other Experts/staff, am always there to help and edit your post if it needs some, a but from your side would be appreciated too.
Thanks! :)
Dec 21, 2021 by vy
Just wondering, is there a reason why you never use capitals?
Dec 20, 2021 by McRibFarewellTour
Cruisial is spelled crucial
Dec 20, 2021 by McRibFarewellTour
If I could make a search function that picks out a match no matter what wording you put into the question box, I'd be one of the best paid engineers at Google. (In other words, I can't fix it, sorry.)
Repeat questions are nothing to lose sleep over, by the way. If you just don't want to have your posts closed, you can try a proper search first.
Dec 16, 2021 by Fizz
what do u mean better
Dec 7, 2021 by neo magius