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About me: just a regular guy and a student.
I have beat pokemon emerald and all the johto games and am playing through fire red in a hardcore nuzlocke pattern as i know kanto,johto and hoen behind my head.I have never been lucky and i am also not lucky in this nuzlocke loosing 2 cruisul members of the run those being rattata and mankey because in this nuzlocke the most difficult rule is that i am not allowed to use any supper effective moves in every major battles like gym battles,rival battles,giovani fights and such.

also I play pokemon unite so plz follow me there my unite id is - supriyo2604

shinys caught -

lotad at level 4 as my first encounter while shiny hunting for with.I caught it at rout 102 in the grass.

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1 day ago by Aaaaaaaaa
1 day ago by mega mismagius
yay new member!
2 days ago by Creative481
hello LR! it me, chesta :)
ive change my name to this, but still call me chesta!
2 days ago by Creative481
hi i answered your question of what are the rules of a hardcore nuzloke
2 days ago by mega mismagius
Ah, I see.
Oct 6 by Fenton Force
"surskit is banned because doesn't evolve + 50 50 with lotad in route 102."

Surskit evolves into Masquerain.
Oct 4 by Fenton Force
If you want fun, not hard. play ramdomized, new games
Oct 2 by Creative481
Randomizer nuzlocke, nuzlocke but you cant use full evolved pokemon, only use pokemon under 400 base stat. there you go
Oct 2 by Creative481
and i put you in the nickname slot, see it pls:)
Sep 28 by Creative481