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Gender: I'm male, but did you know that both sexes of brown hyenas have fake reproductive parts of the opposite sex?
Country: Oodaaq, Greenland, where there is nothing but Beartic and Eiscue. Very difficult to live.
Favorite Pokémon: Stonjourner, Mega Steelix, Hoopa
Friend Codes: Switch: 8092-2611-5630
I have a 3ds code but idk what it is

Name changes: GmaxStonjourner-- GmaxWaluigi--Maximum Length--Baron Von Thomason III--McRibFarewellTour--MonkeyBusiness

Next name change is igivebadsuggestions

I am the #1 freshman in my state for High School Cross Country. Had an unfortunate track season but looking forward to XC

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About me: I've played Pokemon Diamond, HG, B2, X, OR, SMUSUM, LGP, SwSh, SP, LA.

Expertise in questions: Shiny Pokemon and anything that has an objective answer

If you're not competing, why did you get up this morning?

There's no point in living if you don't feel alive. A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.

Technically almost none of the information on this website has practical applications.
commented May 11, 2021 by sumwun

I'm pretty sure I have the highest answer to best answer ratio of any user on this site

I got mentioned in an Austin John Plays video https://youtu.be/LDfrzV_tDN0?t=547s That's my question!

Songs of the week:
Water of Love by Dire Straits

Down by the Waterline by Dire Straits

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Personally I’d just close it for being vague since I have no idea what he’s talking about. You can do what you’d like
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~
May 13 by fwoofyy
note for self: page 7
May 11 by ~Scarlet~
Superior breakfast option
May 9 by ~Whiteøut~
May 8 by oamysr25
Ba’d! Keep them coming
May 7 by ~Scarlet~
Closed and answered, thanks ;)
May 6 by ~Scarlet~
I probably won't be there </3 they go hard though and im their honorary unpaid roadie and i dont think i'll ever fulfill a more important role
May 3 by Hellfire Taco
My friends band is closing their set with that at their next gig
May 2 by Hellfire Taco
Link your edits to me when you’re done! I’ll BA them in a week from edit date
Apr 30 by ~Scarlet~