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My Team is Prinplup level 35, Gliscor level 36, Houndoom level 25 bronzer level 25 and skorupi level 30

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Easy answer is grind the levels out.  If this is a nuzlocke, then I would have to look more into it.  
I will say I would not recommend using your houndoom very much or even your gliscor just because of the Crasher Wake being Water based.  If you have to use them due to fainting or to save your others for his higher level mons, I would use your houndoom or gliscor against his weaker pokemon.  That is only if you must though.  I am only gonna comment until I have a more concrete answer.

BUT I would recommend to just use pokemon better suited type wise to beat him.
Your team is weak to fire type i recommend you to get a grass type pokemon, or at least an electric type.

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1) train your Pokemon until they are ready to defeat wake.
2) catch a roselia or luxio/shinx and train them up to round of your team.
I would suggest option 2. Your team will be completed and crasher defeated.
Hope I helped!

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Grass knot:

I see you don't have any Grass or an Electric type. There are two ways to pass through this gym. Either catch a Budew and train it or teach Grass Knot to Prinplup.

Grass Knot is the only TM available before Pastoria Gym. But this move is only enough to take out Wake.

  • Gyarados, being 237 Kg, gets hit with 120 BP. (I recommend finishing this 'mon with a powerful physical attacker rather than Prinplup)
  • Quagsire, being 75 Kg, gets hit with 80 BP and is 4x Super Effective.
  • Floatzel, being 34 Kg, gets hit with 60 BP and is 2x Super Effective.


The main Disadvantage with Grass knot is Prinplup is slow and it has to be bulky to face powerful hits. So it is not reliable. The best thing you can do is to catch a Budew and Evolve it to Roselia / Roserade as soon as you can to make job simple.

Also, this team faces a main disadvantage. It cannot withstand Ground E4 (three of your 'mons are weak to ground), so I recommend replacing any one of them (I suppose Bronzor or Skorupi, included Bronzor because it isn't useful to gyms except Snowpoint, where Empoleon could handle) with Roserade. Also, your team needs a flyer (Gliscor can't learn Fly) such as Staraptor, Crobat etc (you will face serious difficulty to go from one place to another). So the sixth spot is also filled.

Hope this helps.

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Blaze, bronzor has levitate
@hoennsceptile We don't know that. It may have Heatproof.