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Hello, so I want to EV train my Level 1 Ralts. I gave It 8 Proteins (Which means it has 80 Attack EVs), Then switch trained it against Shinx(s), and now it is in Level 10 and still I haven't saw any major Attack Buffs (As I want a Gallade as a False Swiper) to it. Can anyone please say why? Thank you.

What physical attack stat does it currently have? It's very likely that its EVs are making its stat increase by 1 instead of 0 every time it levels up, so it's difficult to notice unless you compare it to a Ralts with no EVs but is otherwise identical.

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In Generations III and IV, Pokémon recalculate their stats upon leveling up, except for Deoxys, whose stats are recalculated after every battle instead.



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