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I heard somewhere that in Gen 4 you gain EVs by leveling up but I'm PRETTY sure you get EVs by defeating Pokémon, But I want to make sure!

You earn EVs as you would in every other generation; defeating Pokemon, drinking Vitamins, etc. The EV mechanic hasn't changed since Gen III
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No, you do not gain EVs on a Pokemon leveling up. You gain EVs the following ways:

  • Defeating Pokemon
  • Eating Vitamins (Protein, Zinc, etc.)
  • Super Training (Gen 6 only)
  • Using the Macho Brace/Power Items (Power Anklet, Power Band, etc.)

Source: Experience & Here

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Yeah, here is a list of EV training hotspots. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/946308-pokemon-platinum-version/faqs/56146

I was asking if you earn EVs by leveling up but thanks for the list anyways
You gain EV from each pokemon you beat not by leveling
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Yes you can. It's pretty simple actually. Here's an example using weavile and mantine:

Weavile used night slash on the foes mantine!
The foes mantine fainted!
Weavile leveled up to level 43!

Stats that leveled up when weavile leveled up
Hp +2
Attack +3
Defense +0
Special Attack +1
Special Defense +4
Speed +2

The reason why the special defense stat leveled up a lot was because the mantines best stat was special defense. Hopefully this answers your question. Hope I helped!

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Yes in generation 4 you do gain EV's

No Im asking if you earn Evs by leveling up
You gain it by defeating pokemon example if you beat machoke you will gain attack EV