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Gender: Male
Country: U.S
Favorite Pokémon: Venonat
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About me: I want to help this website :D.

In Unova my favorite pokemon is Darmanitan,Golurk and Scolipede
In Johto my favorite pokemon is Shuckle or Smeargle
In Hoenn my favorite pokemon is Shedinja
In Kalos my favorite pokemon is Furfroe
In Sinnoh my favorite pokemon is Infernape
In Kanto my favorite pokemon is Venonat

My username is wellobello in TCG Online you may add me to your

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i cri erytime
Jan 8, 2016 by Your Excellency
You sak scrub
Jan 1, 2015 by Tesseract
Sep 24, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
I think users can still read their wall even if they're banned
May 23, 2014 by Your Excellency
I hear you were banned for good. If you were, then how would you be reading this T-T. Goodbye. You will be missed by some. Like what Polite Patamon said.
May 23, 2014 by ~Wolf~
uff, sorry to hear that :/
May 23, 2014 by Dr Dude
Bye welllo, you will be missed by some. BTW I added you on TCG online, kingsisle101 :PP
May 23, 2014 by Your Excellency