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Gender: Pain
Country: Pain
Favorite Pokémon: Vulpix, Finneon, Hydreigon, Shadow Lugia, Centiskorch, Scimitooth, Hisuian Avalugg, Hisuian Zorua, Hisuian Zoroark
Friend Codes: 3DS: 1564-7451-7762
Switch: I have online but too lazy to list my fc
I normally play Sword, Smash, and BotW
About me: I've only been stopping by every few months or so, nearly everyone I'm friends with from here is gone so I'm gonna be gone soon too

Been a Pokemon fan for about 17 years

Formerly Dragoon and Admin of Tsunami/Wavelength

Brotad: Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth
Brotad: I wanna teach kids the Christian truth
Brotad: If you wanna reach those kids on the street
Brotad: you gotta do a rap to a hip hop beat
Brotad: I gave my sermon an urban kick
Brotad: my rhymes are fly, my beats are sick
Brotad: my crew is big and it keeps gettin bigger
Brotad: that's cause jesus christ is my
Brotad: spoiler: friend

List of shinies since I started shiny-hunting:
Altaria in Black 2
Skorupi in Y via horde
Trapinch in Sword after 57 eggs via Masuda method
Shiny Grubbin after 18 eggs(for IV breeding) with charm/mm
Shiny Sobble after 100 something eggs in Sword via charm/mm
Random Tapu Koko in DA
Pheromosa after many DA's
Seismitoad looking for Tornadus in DA
Random Uxie in DA
Duraludon looking for Tornadus in DA
Greedent looking for Tornadus in DA
Froslass in a Tornadus Adventure
Toxtricity in a Tornadus Adventure
Tornadus after 20 something DA's

If you have any questions for me or want to say anything to me just post on my wall

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Cool, thanks!
May 9 by xPsydxck
Alright! I'll contact you on Discord when I finally start using it. Its prolly gonna be after a few months lol.

Just so I have it on my wall, what's your Discord username?
May 9 by xPsydxck
Oh rip that's gotta suck...

Can you please link the files on your Drive whenever you're free? I'd be excited to try out your ROM hacks sometime! :]
What's your favourite ROM hack that you made?
May 5 by xPsydxck
I see, interesting. So you haven't posted them anywhere to download them?
May 4 by xPsydxck
"Source: I'm a ROM hacker myself"

Have you made any ROM hacks? :0
Apr 28 by xPsydxck
(Also, its not my answer and I'm not begging for a BA haha, I asked that cause you gave a positive response to the answer.)
Apr 25 by xPsydxck
Happy belated 9 year anniversary! :0

Btw, can you select a BA here if you like the answer?
Apr 25 by xPsydxck
Yay, 9 years
Mar 19 by Mosmic Dragoon
Yeah, I wasn't too active in my first few years. My contributions only really picked up around two years ago
Mar 14 by Amethyst
I was Xblade999, MegaBlade X, GigaBlade X, and OmegaBlade X before Amethyst. Not a whole lot of variety :P
Mar 14 by Amethyst