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I stopped playing Pokemon at Gen. 3 I want to start playing again , but I am very lost now and I have one things that's bothering me:
It might be stupid and it feels a bit dumb to ask, but I really don't know about this. I heard somewhere that new Pokemon games that came out for the DS have exclusive download content and codes...

So do new Pokemon games(Gen. 4, 5) have exclusive codes and download content?
If I buy a used DS game I will not be able to use/obtain the codes and obtain the exclusive content, and codes, is that true?
In the end, does it matter if the game is used or new?


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It depends what you classify as "Download Content". I think you might mean stuff like Mystery Gifts and special passes that allow you to get rare Pokemon, e.g. the Liberty Pass for Black & White to get Victini.

If so, nearly all of these events have passed. Most events are time limited, so it doesn't matter if you buy a used game or not, if the game you're playing didn't get the event pass/ mystery gifts, then you can still obtain them if the time frame for the event/ gifts haven't passed. If they have passed, you can no longer obtain them.

Also, if you're lucky, the used game you buy might have some rare Pokemon left in the PC from the previous owner. However, you'd need a second DS to transfer it to another game if you want to keep the Pokemon before restarting the game.

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I thought that the games when bought, each had some special code or download content that was a one-time use kind of thing so if you got a used game you could not get the content because the code had been used. Thank you for clearing the confusion and for the info