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Which Pokémon game is the most popular out of: Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, Black/White or Black/White 2?

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Diamond and Pearl are the most popular games of those you've listed, standing at over 103.4 million copies throughout last year. Although Black and White isn't that far off, with just under 89.8 million copies sold since the release date. Out of the others you've listed, Black and White 2 has sold as many as 78.3 million copies, Heart Gold Soul Silver haven't been that successful, with only 32.5 million sold. I got these all from different websites, mostly Yahoo answers. So yeah, hope I helped you, and guys, you might find different amounts, don't comment underneath saying that I'm wrong or whatever, this is just what I've found from looking at some websites, thanks :)

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I know Flare has answered but I'll put this here so you can see the overall sales for each game and Pokemon Co's overall income from the games.
enter image description here

Wow what year is this? xD
Sciz, those are really low values to what I've found, what year is you chart taken?
Well Black and White are on there. So it is recent.
Yeah but DP made a big bang in Pokemon, as the new features and finally decent graphics were something people only dreamed of.