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If I wanted to complete the full NatDex for B2/W2 which games would I need to trade with. I'm looking for games that are compatible with a normal DS so only games that are gen 3-5. Obviously I'm looking for the way to do this in the least amount of games possible

Side note, a similar question was asked in 2017 but didn't answer this specifically

Can you trade in the GTS?  If so, it lessens the games by at least 2, probably more.
Internet connection for DS was shut down a couple years back, so that's unfortunately not an option

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To get every single non-Mythical Pokemon, you would need a total of 7 games: every game in Gen 4, and both of Black 2 and White 2. Every non-Mythical pre-Gen 5 Pokemon can be found in at least one Gen 4 game, save for the Regi trio, which can be found in B2W2, along with every single non-Mythical Pokemon introduced in Gen 5.

However, if you want to get a majority of Pokemon, you would probably do just fine with just Platinum, either HG or SS, and either B2 or W2. You would miss out on about 40 Pokemon with this method, due to version exclusives and starters, but if you can get someone to get the other games and trade them to you, then that might be your best bet.

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That's insane.
Completing the national dex is an insane thing to do that takes way longer than it should. In x I completed the national dex plus all the mythicals because I was a little kid and thought they were necessary. I remember waiting for months on the gts with my Weepinbell until someone finally traded me a mew