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So basically, is it possible to complete the national Pokedex by only using wild Pokemon and trainers?
I'm just wondering, mainly because of the starters from other gens.

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To complete the National PokéDex it requires Pokébank to transfer Pokémon from other generations, so if you don't have access to it then the answer would be no, because the only other option would be trading.
It could be possible if you used hacks or power saves though.

So the answer is it is impossible to complete the National PokéDex with only wild Pokémon.

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More than half the Pokemon in the National Dex are not available through normal means in the game. The best way is te GTS. (indirect trading but still trading)

But if you were to hack and use Action Replays and other hacking devices, it is possible.

Hope I helped!

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