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I am currently almost done with the national pokedex, however nintendo has made life harder by not allowing event Pokemon to be traded (maybe wonder traded as well, not sure) over GTS. I was wondering in what ways might I be able to obtain the event Pokemon Diancie, Genesect, Meloetta, and keldeo to my ORAS game if I could not attend the actual events? Solutions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! =D

Thanks so much!

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Trade with somebody that has them then trade back
One of the oldest tricks in the book imo

Make sure the person you're trading with isn't kirt

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Thanks trap, although I was hoping on finding out how to obtain them for keeps. Thx tho! =D
No problem :)
i got the national dex award from the gf dev in game and i'm still missing meloetta and jirachi
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There is no legitimate way to get these event Pokemon other than pokebank and/or currently unreleased events. but showdown is a great place to look for events/shinies/BRs. You do not need these event Pokemon to complete your national dex. here is a list of Pokemon NOT needed for the dex:

Diancie (you want)
Keldeo (you want)
Genesect (you want)
Melloetta (you want)
Hoopa (released, but not needed)
Volcanion (I do not remember if Volcanion is released yet, but chances are, its released in Japan. None the less, you do NOT need it for the dex.)

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/229442/pokedex-completion-without-legends, Experience

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