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I currently have 3 Pokemon games to play and am looking to complete the national pokedex before xy. I have soulsilver, white and black 2. What order and how should I go about completeing this task. Thanks for the help! It is much needed


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Well, SoulSilver is Gen 4, and White / Black 2 is Gen 5.

Out of all generations Gen 5 actually had the most Pokemon, so you'll have to collect the least Pokemon in SoulSilver (at least, in those regions anyway.) It will probably be easier to do Gen 4.

So, if you wanna do the harder parts first, go with Gen 5. If you wanna do the easy way first, Gen 4. I had nearly completed Pokemon White with the help of the GTS, so that might be a good idea.

Hope I Helped. :)
PS. Weird, I've got those exact games as well. :3 xD

Completing the national dex is never easy. lol.
Awesome thank you so much man! Been going back as fourth for days now and now I can finally stop stressing and know what to do. You are an amazing human being.