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About me: Sempi#0060 <- My discord if you need anything.

Mostly inactive now. May still pop in occasionally, but adulting sucks :(

Shoutout to everyone in the amazing community in the site. Sorry to the people I alienated,  and cheers to those who liked me for who I was. I was still immature back then - I'd like to think I'm not so fiery now.

Ya'll always have a place in my heart.

Take it easy guys.

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Your grav looks like a small fox (cat?) child about to devour a coffee mug. That's how I interpret it, at least :P
1 day ago by Xurkit
Jan 5 by Xurkit
league as in league of legends?
Apr 4, 2020 by Flaweon
I don’t even remeber this sorry i see i complained but like i dunno what happened
Apr 3, 2020 by Unbirthday
what is ypur grav?
Mar 21, 2020 by Flaweon
U need to lay of Htimer u sound mean when u say stuff like that
Mar 11, 2020 by Unbirthday
This is the worst it has been since ETN dude. e.e
Thanks for lending a hand with it all.
Aug 24, 2019 by Fizz
Hiding my answers? There was nothing wrong with it.
Aug 24, 2019 by falsebenguy2211
Thanks for reshowing my comment on the bw2 one I still think taco should not have hidden it also on the how did i get this pokemon question my answer was the clear truth. But thanks for telling me why you edited them :}
Aug 21, 2019 by superswablu
Ha! Okay.

I forgot to list the most important thing! Work.
Mar 8, 2019 by Azelfeo~™